If you’ve been hurt on the job, it is important to understand the guidelines established under Minnesota Workers Compensation law. These laws changed in October of 2013, affecting employer and employee responsibilities following a work injury.

6 Steps To Complete After A Work Injury

The workers compensation system in Minnesota is based on balancing injured workers right to wage and medical benefits with a limited right to bring a lawsuit against the employer.

Hiring our Minnesota workers compensation law firm at the start of the claims process ensures all of the legal issues are handled properly from the beginning.

There is No Cost and No Obligation for Talking to Us About Your Injury.

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We understand that sustaining work related injuries can be financially and emotionally stressful. There are often more questions than answers, and your employer or their insurance company often aren’t very helpful. We can help.

15 “Red Flag” Reasons to Request a FREE Case Review

If you’ve been denied workers compensation benefits, we can help you through the appeals process so you can start receiving your rightfully owed medical care, lost wages and vocational rehabilitation benefits.

We frequently represent Minnesota workers who are denied medical benefits or denied the right to consult with their own doctor.

Our Worker Compensation Attorneys know Minnesota Workers Comp Law and Will Work Hard to Protect Your Rights.

Since establishing the Fields Law Firm, workers’ comp lawyer Steve Fields has focused all of the firm‘s resources on helping people in Minnesota recover money for workplace injuries and receive their full workers compensation benefits after being hurt on the job.

10 Ways We Can Help

Our attorneys will work to protect your legal rights, make sure the proper forms are completed and help you get all of the workers’ compensation benefits which you are entitled to.

There are never any up-front costs to hire us. We only get paid if you receive compensation, and the compensation is strictly regulated by the state of Minnesota.

If you were hurt on the job while working in Minnesota, we can help.
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Minnesota Workers Compensation Laws Updated October, 2013 : 

Workers’ compensation laws recently changed in Minnesota, effective October 1, 2013. The Workers Compensation Minnesota Law is an Act set forth by the State Legislature (an Act is a set of laws). The Minnesota Workers Compensation Law provides benefits (more...)

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